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paperlessUSA provides industry leading document management services to businesses of every type and size. No assignment is too small or large (testimonials).

YOUR data is presented in easy-to-navigate webpages!! More than just scanning, PUSA converts your paper, computer files and data of every type into organized useful digital information in integrated easy-to-navigate web pages that can be accessed ANYTIME from ANYWHERE - including on the Internet - by encrypted username and password - you are just a click away from your most important data!

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  • No cost for software - everything is viewable using Adobe Acrobat®
  • Customized work product - pay only for what you need and never for software
  • Simple to use - NO learning curve - Just like surfing the NET!
  • Assignments subject to attorney-client work product rules

  • PUSA is all about 'application' - empowering you to easily access & use your data
  • Data is availabe 24 / 7 via the encrypted PUSA server by unique username / password
  • Save valuable physical space
  • Maximize your human & financial resources
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