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  • With the work product offered by PUSA, going paperless means that you will maximize use of your financial resources and staff productivity.

  • - Your important work will be permanently & safely archived.
  • - Finding data will be faster and easier.
  • - Data will always be in “excellent” condition.
  • - Print | Fax | Email right from browser.
  • - Encrypt confidential data: control use/readership.
  • - Take your data with you anywhere on CD / DVD.
  • - Retrieve from anywhere in the world via Internet.
  • - Command data to achieve desired objectives.
  • - Impress clients with immediate data access.
  • - Maximize human & financial resources.
  • - Work more effectively / efficiently.

  • ABSOLUTELY. We have made every effort to simplify the process for every level of computer proficiency. Business leaders, attorneys and staff can equally use the data. If you can surf the WEB, you can use our product.

  • Anything and everything. We fully integrate documents of ANY size, photographs, video and audio into one simple visual display.

  • ABSOLUTELY. You can no longer afford to do “business as usual”. Your competition is converting everything to digital. You tell us … what does it cost for your staff to manage paper documents? What does it cost to replace lost and misfiled documents? What is the cost of storage, photocopy equipment & business supplies? How much more satisfied will your clientele be when you can immediately retrieve documents?

  • Searching for specific words and phrases on one page or even multiple page file documents simultaneously is amazingly easy and fast! On the Internet, PUSA installs a powerful search functionality that makes finding specific documents as easy as 1-2-3!
  • paperlessUSA OCRs the data – that is, we optically recognize the characters on the scanned image creating a hidden layer of searchable text … it’s as simple as a “CTRL F” command that initiates searches.

  • paperlessUSA charges:
    • on a per page basis for scanning work - more scanning, less cost per page
    • on a consulting basis for HTML work
    • on a per page basis for OCR'g and Bates Stamping
    • all charges are approved in advance & meticulously itemized
    • payments is by business check or by credit card
  • Call 866-512-1715 for a detailed no obligation quote
paperlessUSA, Inc., a California Corporation
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