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Anyone can scan paper. paperlessUSA does much, much more.

We developed and implement the most advanced scanning technology and combine it with precise indexing to build searchable databases that interface in stand-alone software and/or within web-based browsers allowing users to quickly search through volumes of paper and decades of documentation to find critical information in mere seconds and without the cost of proprietary software! And, the learning curve is nearly flat!

  • paperlessUSA is available on a consulting basis to make presentations to third parties. These services can be instrumental in contract-mandated & court-ordered mediations & arbitrations and at trial. The founder of paperlessUSA is an attorney and uniquely qualified to assist with the most intricate and pressure-oriented situations.

  • Documents / Photographs / Video / Audio Files. paperlessUSA implements proprietary methodologies to imaging and integrating client data in one easy-to-navigate browser format. Documents are fully integrated to co-exist with photographs, video and audio files so that users can source all relevant information in powerful and impacting ways.

  • Making more powerful the use of digital data is the ability to search images for target text - words and phrases. paperlessUSA transforms scanned documents that can be searched without loss of "original" visual integrity. We can maximize a reader’s ability to find a needle in a haystack when faced with thousands of pages or whenever specific information is needed quickly. Text can be highlighted, searched, even cut / extracted from the image and paste into preferred word processing software for new creations. Imagine the power of searching multiple documents containing thousands of pages with the same search parameters - imagine too, AUDIBLE READ-BACK functionality!

  • paperlessUSA can convert your most important images (such as contracts, pleadings, policy manuals, etc.) to text that can be modified at will in your favorite word processing software. Imagine wanting to change a word, sentence, or any significant portion of a document that no longer exists on your computer or which you received from a third party that you really need or want. This service is particularly well fit to situations where you experience a computer crash or other loss of data. Don't retype the information ... let pUSA transform images into modifiable text!!

  • paperlessUSA implements security measures to assure clients that the readership and data use is controlled. We can limit access to all Adobe PDF files by assigning passwords and restricting features such as printing and editing.

  • Widely used in complex litigation and in criminal prosecutions, Bates Stamping is a standardized methodology of naming sheets of paper with unique numbering for court identification purposes.
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